Thursday 22 December 2011

A Writer's Gratitude, part 2: TMOC makes ANOTHER Top 10 List

You may recall that The Meaning Of Children made the CBC - Scotiabank Giller Prize Readers' Choice Contest Top 10 List.

Well, today I received more great news:

made Chad Pelley's Top 10 Canadian Books of 2011 Short Fiction

Here's an excerpt from today's Salty Ink blog:

"Hey! Read more short fiction. Novels are like a nice intimate chat over a pint, but shorts are like a wild, unexpected night out. You want more of those, right? Really, ask any writer: from a writing standpoint, shorts are more fun to write. From a reading standpoint, they’re more potent because they’re all punch and no filler.

I hereby declare, with absolute authority, while knowing I’ll inevitably forget at least one or two collections, that these titles are the official top 10 books of short fiction by Canadians this year. If you can read and not like books like And Also Sharks, The Beggar’s Garden, Once You Break a Knuckle, or Up Up Up, then you have poor taste in modern literature. Sorry. But you do. I can’t even offer you any condolences, as it must, simply, be unfortunate to be so afflicted. And those wild Vancouverites Zsuzsi Gartner and at Matthew J. Trafford, talk about breaking down some walls with short fiction. All 10 of these (11 if you’re counting) made me want to be a better writer..."

Chad Pelley

Congratulations also to the following book/author/publisher combos:

And Also Sharks by Jessica Westhead (Cormorant)

The Beggar’s Garden by Michael Christie (HarperCollins)

Better Living Through Plastic Explosives
by Zsuzsi Gartner (Hamish Hamilton)

The Big Dream
by Rebecca Rosenblum (Biblioasis)

The Divinity Gene by Matthew J. Trafford (Douglas & McIntyre)

The Meagre Tarmac by Clark Blaise (Biblioasis)Moonlight Sketches by Gerard Collins (Killick Press)

Once You Break a Knuckle
by DW Wilson (Hamish Hamilton)

The Reverse Cowgirl
by David Whitton (Freehand)

Up Up Up
by Julie Booker (Anansi).

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