Friday 30 March 2012

Sat., March 31st, ~5:30 pm: Publish or perish?

Bev Akerman justifies her Kindle give-aways...

Does she or doesn't she know what she's doing?

~5:30 PM on CBC Radio One's Cinq à Six

88.5 FM on the Montreal dial.


Live streamed & archived at 

In which your hero attempts to explain 

to the charming, talented Jeanette Kelly 

WHY on earth
she GAVE away 120+ copies of 

the Kindle version of the spectacularly reviewed

The Meaning Of Children 

last Saturday, March 24th,

not to mention why she will do it again!

Jeanette Kelly, host of Cinq a Six

Does she really know what she's doing? Who knows...

One writer, desperate to regain control of her brilliant career, trying to thrive without totally losing it...her shirt, her joie de vivre, etcetera!

Give a listen, I hope it doesn't sound too totally weird. But weird can still be artistic, excellent, AND fun, can it not? Witness the career of Steve Buscemi...

Steve Buscemi

 (There was a teaser this morning, which I did NOT hear...but some of my friends did!)

Updates here...
Goodreads profile.

And a new essay on how she came to write The Meaning Of Children.

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