Tuesday 27 March 2012

Whoops, I did it again...The Meaning Of Children 50% off March 28th

After the phenomenal success last week, giving away the Kindle version of my award winning book, "The Meaning of Children" completely gratis, I've decided to put it on sale for the next few days at 50 per cent off: that's $4.99 (because who can afford to give their work away forever??)

As always, you are welcome to try a free sample or two...

*try a piece a mah "Pie"

*or read the first story of the collection, "Tumbalalaika," originally published in The Antigonish Review, where it won second prize in the 2008 Sheldon Currie Fiction Contest (links to more free stories to the right of this post).

I'm still very proud of the book. And so is my mother, lol! 

Mom & her famous grandkid charm necklace

And let's not forget my Dad, who is also kvelling.

Dad & me!

But don't take our word for it...read the incredible feedback I've received from dozens of readers, reviewers, and other writers, the latest of whom is  

CBC Radio's David Gutnick: "Really liked it...there are all kinds of gems in your stories."

(which makes me think of Sally Field, accepting that Academy Award for Norma Rae, way back in 1980. Before my time, of course ;)

Sally Field, 1980: "You like me!"

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