Thursday 22 September 2011

June 2011 Letter to the Kids: My life is a Cosby bit

Dear child #1 (25 years old), child #2 (22 years old), and child #3 (16 years old)

I've already spoken with child #2 about this, but in the interest of being sure you all have the same information, I am repeating everything here.

First of all, an update on the leak from the upstairs bathroom all the way down to the main floor closet:

I have put another layer of hooks on the shower curtain, so it hangs lower in the tub & is less likely to leak. Please be careful when you turn the shower on & when you enter/exit the tub.

DO NOT hang the rubbery bath mat (the one you stand on IN the shower) over the side of the bathtub: all the water just drips down and penetrates either below the tub or dribbles down to the wall at the back of the toilet & leaks there.

As I told you all yesterday, please check to see if there is water on the floor & mop it up with the cloth bath mat or a towel, and then hang the towel over the edge of my laundry basket so we will know it is dirty.


Somebody dumped several sopping wet towels into my laundry bin yesterday, soaking all the dirty laundry…I suppose whoever did it did not realize what would have happened if it just sat there for 5 days till someone (ie. ME) went to do the washing.

Well, what would have happened is mould. And stink. And maybe even ruined clothes.


Secondly, please take some time together this weekend to figure out what you are going to be cooking for dinner 2-3 times a week. You are all adults (or almost adults…and I’m not say which of you is which!) so I think we should start thinking about living together in this house by SHARING the responsibilities here. With 3 of you opening the fridge regularly, just expecting to find yummy home cooked meals waiting for you to decide you are hungry, I have reached my limit!! I cook a chicken for my lunches and by the next day, it’s
gone…(usually, a whole chicken would last me 4 lunches…do you see how fast that gets old? Everyday I cook 4 days worth, only to find it gone in 1 or 2 days).

There are many things you can make already, or that I can easily teach you: fajitas, rice, hamburgers, "my favourite chicken dish," broiled salmon with dill mayonnaise…really, cooking is unbelievably easy.

You just have to plan a little in advance. And when I say “you,” I really do mean YOU—or at least, you too!

That is all—for the moment.




  1. I have got to know: has this worked so far? At all?

  2. not really. my follow through isn't emphatic enough...oh, there i go, again. being a mom. "it's all my fault!" lol!

    but i keep trying...