Saturday 17 September 2011

The odds and ends of summer...and 100 Thousand Poets 4 Change!

let's try a little more relaxed form of blogging, shall we?
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up at the cottage, one of the last weekends. leaves starting to turn. too soon, too soon. it’s glorious: no bugs, sunshine streaming. went to the Val David market, locally grown corn, apples, pears, strawberries, monster organic chicken, emmenthal bread…hubby has an appointment with his chainsaw…it’s electric, lol! life is good...hope you are all having a good weekend, too.
the laurentian lake...soon it will be covered with x-country ski tracks...
by Muriel Spark
reading for a new book club...i feel like the junior literary illiterate member...hope i don't disappoint. spark starts the story as if it's...
by Christopher Hitchens
this book is breaking my heart. i love hitchens' work but from this memoir, you'd think a woman never wrote an important political or historical or literary or litcrit bk in the history of the species. sad, sad, sad...
also reading February by Lisa Moore...
also been enjoying reading an oldish interview with Ayelet Waldman on the occasion of the publication of her 2009 book "Bad Mother." Here are a few excerpts from the Time Magazine article...,8599,1896848,00.html#ixzz1YF6iSahJ
[my comments in square brackets]

Ayelet Waldman: Taking care of a home is tedious, wearing, and it never ends, and when you are solely responsible for that, it can piss you off. So any husband, who legitimately feels like he's toiling away all day, comes home and says, "I just need an hour to decompress," — well, welcome to never getting laid again.
[Bev: eh. it's all! i'm not a huge fan of men doing housework in the hopes of getting lucky. they should do it because they're also responsible for the mess in the house. and i think women also forget that things that are stereotypically male responsibilities--the lawn, car, bbq etc.--should also be defined as housework. the only difference is, you can let the lawn go for a week or two. but if you don't wash the scanties, everyone has to go commando!]
Ayelet Waldman: "All the ambition gets channeled into the nursery school committee. And sometimes that's great. But it is not really sufficiently fulfilling. So you end up having this kind of toxic stew where your actual activity doesn't match your ambition."
so i've just reserved "Bad Mother" from the Eleanor London Cote St. Luc Public Library...a very wonderful Montreal-area library with a FIREPLACE!! (but not for books!)

y'all go visit and tell them what a WONDERFUL job they do...and, i'm pleased to say that they've chosen The Meaning Of Children as the Book of the Month for October...

ANDDD!! any of you poets/writers/performers? September 24th is a GLOBAL mega-event, the 100 Thousand Poets 4 Change event!

Watch Betty Esperanza's inspiring video!

600 events, 450 cities, 95 countries

be the change you dream of!
choose your issue: peace, sustainability, environmental concerns, oil pipelines, education cuts....

find the event near you and be a part of it!


will be archived by Stanford University's LOCKSS program...

Montrealers, please come out for our local event:

TIME: 2:00PM TO 4:00PM
1225 Crescent Street, 2nd Floor
Montreal, QC


and finally my FB peeps were impressed with this Rape analogy posting, and so am i...

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