Sunday 1 April 2012

The Meaning Of Children: FREE ebook version on

FREE and for a limited time…
My book, The Meaning Of Children, on and you’re invited to download it!
(Yes, this is me, at about 9 months old)
To learn more about this publishing experiment, check out my interview, “Cutting out the middle man”, with CBC Montreal Cinq a Sixs incomparable Jeanette Kelly. It was broadcast yesterday; you can find it here (called--what else?-- "Cutting out the middle man").
I think it's a great story collection, but don't just take my word for it--try the free samples (yes, absolutely FREE! And for the first lucky thousand downloads, I'll throw in a set of FREE STEAK KNIVES!...Ummm, no, I won't...Sorry. Use your teeth).
BUT there are FREE samples: read "Tumbalalaika" using Amazon's "Look Inside" feature (it won second prize in The Antigonish Review's 2008 Sheldon Currie Fiction Contest).
Here's a link to another of my favourite pieces, the perfect story for Mother's Day--or Remembrance Day, come to think of it—a little gem of flash fiction story, name of “Pie,” ; a couple of dozen reader reactions are included below (they loved it as much as I do!).
If you’d like to know more about what I’m hoping to accomplish, please check out the other recent posts on this blog.



  1. Thanks for the wonderful free books links sharing.

  2. Stonewall, thanks for the much-appreciated vote of confidence. And thanks for calling attention to the history, one of the great moments of liberation of my lifetime.