Saturday 7 April 2012

Passover, Day 1: New Haggadah, Empty Bowls...

 Really, just time to cut, pasted, & dash a few notes (hubby already freaked out I'm taking time away from Seder prep...)
Tonight: first seder with Rabbi Aigen's new Haggadah, Wellsprings of Freedom
Wellsprings of Freedom: The Renew Our Days Haggadah, brings a fresh perspective to a familiar tale. It tells the story in a split screen format as both the collective, historical journey of our people and the personal, inner journey. At 148 pages, the softcover, sewn bound, 7.5
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Beverly Akerman
Passover is a time for family, which sounds fine in theory. In practice, the holiday was, when I was a kid, a time for unfamiliar relatives and acquaintances to come out of the woodwork. At our Seder, the traditional Passover dinner, I invariably saw people I hadn't seen for a year and likely wouldn...

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