Sunday 1 April 2012

The Meaning Of Children: it's getting hard to keep up

D'oh! Just discovered my CBC radio interview of yesterday, about my experiment in self-publishing the Kindle version of The Meaning Of Children, is, in fact, already accessible on the Cinq a Six web page: click on the blue link "Cutting out the middle man," on the lower right (black background).

Read the incredible feedback from readers and reviewers of The Meaning Of Children here.

But one-word summaries include "captivating," "touching," "amazing," "lovely," "extraordinary"...(I'm stopping here because I'm getting choked up AND my head is swelling, not the best combination, I fear...)

The second piece of good news is a new essay that summarizes my life as an emerging writer, just out in The Montreal Review. It's part of their "The Writing Life Series" and features other intriguing writers like Doug Harris, the author of YOU comma Idiot (not the title of my biography...though maybe it should be).

As always, any comments or questions would be much appreciated, either here or you can find me on Facebook, Goodreads, or Twitter (@beverly_akerman). Oh and my book's Facebook page is

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