Thursday 27 December 2012

When free becomes "free": blog post teaser: maybe "liars, tramps, & thieves" is a bit harsh but...

After over an hour "working with" Bell--including their Loyalty department--I discovered there are different home phone packages! The one I had was the Cadillac, with multiple "free add-ons" that I never used. Like three-way calling, multiple voice mailboxes, etc. When I last discussed phone service with them a couple of years back, I was told these add-ons were free. 

Well, surprise surprise: sometime over the past few years, free became "free"! 

And then there was the Internet bump-up when I signed up for their Fibe TV service (btw, their movie channels aren't worth a plug nickel, much less the $13 I was paying for them...)

Figuring out the cost of  those "free" options cost at makes your head spin.
We will now be saving $49 a month on our Internet, TV, and home phone package. That's $588 a year...

And man, am I writing one angry letter! 

And maybe a blog post or two...not to mention the tweets. Stay tuned for more...

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